2018 RideLite™ Heated Shield Plug & Play Combo Kit!

Want to save $40.00? Want to RideLite™ Super Fast with the easiest install? Then This Plug & Play Combo Kit is For You! It doesn't get any easier than this! This RideLite™ Combo kit includes our New Heated Shield Plug & Play Power Wire! Simply Peel & Stick the 3m Cradle Mount then plug power wire into your Heated Shield (RCA) Port & You're Ready to RideLite™! 

Order now receive FREE 1-3 day shipping & also a FREE RCA Splitter! (Non-sale price for this combo package is $122.00)

Does your machine only have 1 "heated shield" accessory port- use this splitter & you now have two!!

*These Plug & Play Combo kits are currently very limited & sell out Fast!

**This RideLite™ works only with the included Heated Shield RCA Power Wire. This Kit does Not include or work with the standard 4ft Power "Hardwire" Kit.

This Combo kit includes everything needed to RideLite™- This kit includes:

Our High Performance 2018 RideLite™

Our No Drill 3M Cradle Mount

"RCA" Heated Shield Plug & Play Power Wire

Easy to follow instructions

The improved 2018 RideLite™ Details!- The 2018 RideLite™ includes premium quality High Preformance LEDS! These super bright LEDS offer increased performance in ALL weather conditions!! Be seen in tight trails!! These "Beyond Wide-Rate" LED's also provide a extra wide "viewing angle" to oncoming trail riders! We have also increased the sub zero performance and over all durabilty of the RideLite™ by using improved materials and components that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh ever changing trail/weather conditions! Each RideLite™ABS housing is triple thick to be triple strong! All internal components are "Fuse-Bonded" during the manufacturing process to lock all electronics permanently in place for years of trouble free use! To protect the LED's from trail debris the front lens is a shatter proof "High Transmission Poly-Carbonite".

(DVS) is our new aggressive Direct Moisture Pressure Venting system. The DVS manages internal condensation formation- it allows any moisture that does form internally to evacuate much faster/easier- and at the same time regulate the units internal pressure which allows the housing seals & gaskets to work properly in changing weather & riding conditions. This vent system will allow the RideLite™ to “breathe” much better & will keep internal working temps lower when used in the hot summer months (on ATV/UTV's)

New Direct Connect Power Wire- The new quick disconnect power wire freely swivels to eliminate power wire fatigue or failure.

Our IMPROVEDSuper Strong Low Profile mount kit is also included with each RideLite™ kit purchased....this mount offers a "Shock Block" system to insulate or protect light head from heavy vibration and trail shock over all trail types!! This mount kit installs in seconds on all makes & models. This mounting kit is a semi-permanent 3M "Dura-Bond" adhesive mount. The colder the temps drop, the stronger the bond gets! "Trail Battle Tested" for 12 Seasons! *This 3M mount can also be permanently mounted with a fastener if desired. Semi-Permanent means the mount can be removed with heat and re-installed on your next sled!

All RideLites™ can easily be upgraded to our "military tuff" premium mounts kits!

 ("I won't ride without it!...Yes, It's That Good!!"- Jason Bryns of CT -riding 19yrs)

Trail Fact: When doing the hand signals a person is clearly doing something unsafe while trying or meaning to do something safe????

Make this your year to RideLite™ and Communicate with Confidence™!!

Beware of cheap/junk online imitations!!  The RideLite™ is the ONLY Trail Warning Light System that is state approved!...if it's not a RideLite™ it's a rip off!!

** Welcome Canadian Riders!!**To purchase any of our RideLite™ products please contact your local Canadian dealer! Or Visit www.ridelite.ca

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

2018 RideLite™ Heated Shield Plug & Play Combo Kit!
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