Replacment Cradle Mount 3M pad Only

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Did you purchase a New Machine? Do you need to reattach your RideLite™?

Purchase this "New & Improved" super strong replacement 3M pad. This 3M pad is designed specifically for our Snowmobile/ATV application! The colder the temps drop the stronger the bond!

Please Note: This item does NOT come with the cradle mount assy. This order item is for a replacement 3M pad only!

Easy to Follow installation instructions are included!

Preview Insturctions Below:

Note: Due to the many uncontrolled variences for a proper installation RideLite International™ is not responsible and will not warranty any bond failures.

**For the Best Bond- allow the machine mounting surface to be near room temp, dry and is free of wax. *A surface temp that is too warm/hot will weaken bond!!**

1-       Remove old 3M pad (use light heat to loosen pad if needed)

2-       Use coarse wire bush to “scuff” the rubber bottom of cradle mount assy.

3-       Clean “scuffed” mating surface with rubbing alcohol

4-       Remove one side of the (red or gray)3M cover tape

5-       With exposed 3M tape (Sticky Side) facing up- place replacement 3M pad on flat clean surface 

6-       Firmly press all mating surface areas of the cradle mount onto the exposed 3M pad

7-       Install on machine- Firmly press and mate contacting surfaces together

 *Remove Light Head from the cradle mount during summer storage

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

Replacment Cradle Mount 3M pad Only
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