2018 RideLite™ Mogul Master Handlebar Combo Kit!

**Important Note- This Handlebar Combo Kit is Not recommended to be installed on machines with high windshields. It is intended to be used on machine's with low profile windshields.**

This Mogul Master Handlebar Combo kit comes with our Improved 2018 RideLite Light Head and our Premium Mogul-Master Handlebar mount kit. Our easy to follow instructions, Power wiring kit & the needed hardware is also included!!

"Master any Trail...Tame or Tough! Keep your hands and mind where they belong while picking your lines over the roughest of trails. It's my personal favorite set-up!"         

Chris ~inventer of the RideLite Product and System -performance rider for 33yrs!

Pre-Order Shipping Update- Improved 2018 RideLites™ Are Now in Transit from the Factory- we are waiting to receive the estimated time of arrival from the inbound freight companies- we will provide the update asap. Once available, All RideLite™ Pre-Orders will be shipped without delay!

Due to growing demand RideLites™ are temporarily out of stock! 

Once available All 2018 RideLite™ Pre-Orders will be shipped & quickly received with 1-3 days

Pre-Order Now & Save $25 Off the Retail Price of with this "RideLite™ Mougul-Master Handlebar Combo kit!"-(Normal retail price is $145/ea with shipping)**

Do you want a "Super Rough Trail" RideLite™ set-up!?? This Mogul-Master Handlebar Combo Kit is it!!

Premium Mogul-Master Mount Info: This mount kit is highly recommended for low profile windshield users and "Mogul-Masters" alike. It offers a super fast "no drill" installation in a secure location that keeps access to your RideLite™ at your finger tips!! This kit includes a trail-tough marine grade aluminum handle bar mount with a single quick release knob, easily attaches to our High Performance RideLite™!! All the necessary hardware is also included.

(This Mount Kit can also be mounted to hand guard brackets)

The improved 2018 RideLite™ kit includes premium quality High Preformance LEDS! These super bright LEDS offer increased performance in ALL weather conditions!! Be seen in tight trails!!...These "Beyond Wide-Rate" LED's also provide a extra wide "viewing angle" to oncoming trail riders! We have also increased the sub zero performance and over all durabilty of the RideLite™ by using improved materials and components that are specifically designed to withstand the harsh ever changing trail/weather conditions! Each RideLite™ABS housing is triple thick to be triple strong! All internal components are "Fuse-Bonded" during the manufacturing process to lock all electronics permanently in place for years of trouble free use! To protect the LED's from trail debris the front lens is a shatter proof "High Transmission Poly-Carbonite".

(DVS) is our new aggressive Direct Moisture Pressure Venting system. The DVS will manage internal condensation formation- it will allow any moisture that does form internally to evacuate much faster/easier- and at the same time regulate the units internal pressure which allows the housing seals & gaskets to work properly in changing weather & riding conditions. This vent system will allow the RideLite™ to “breathe” much better & will keep internal working temps lower when used in the hot summer months (on ATV/UTV's)

New Direct Connect Power Wire- The new quick disconnect power wire freely swivels to eliminate power wire fatigue or failure.

Beware of cheap/junk online imitations!! The RideLite is the ONLY Trail Warning Light System that is state approved!!

*Normal retail price is $145/ea with shipping*

*The standard 3M Cradle is NOT included with this como kit

** Welcome Canadian Riders!!** To purchase any of our RideLite™ products please contact your local Canadian dealer!! Or visit www.ridelite.ca

*Vermont purchases are subject to Vermont's state sales tax.

2018 RideLite™ Mogul Master Handlebar Combo Kit!
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